In the past few months, I’ve come into possession of some ARCs (advance reader copies) of forthcoming novels. Having consumed them, I’m ready to pass on the love.

So, if you’d like a chance to read a novel before it’s released to the general public, check here over the next few days and I’ll unload a few of them.

First up: “Ride the Jawbone,” a legal thriller mystery set in Montana in 1902. It’s by debut author Jim Moore and will be released this summer by Raven Publishing, an imprint run by my dear friend Janet Muirhead Hill.

I don’t have a cover image to show you, but you can read up on the book here.

This is the back-cover text:

The son of a cattle rancher, T.C. Bruce, newly graduated from law school, has yet to set up practice. As he rides the Jawbone Railroad train on his way to White Sulphur Springs, all the gossip is about the murder of a young woman whose body, they say, was thrown from the train. To the general public, there’s no mystery. They have the killer locked up in jail awaiting trial. They just want to see Loco, a surly, odious loner, hanged. T.C. must confronts a dilemma and make an important career decision when the judge asks him to defend the man. Would T.C. rather be back on the ranch working cattle or will he accept the challenge of saving Loco from the hangman’s noose?

If you’d like this book, leave a comment. In about twenty-four hours (give or take; I’m a working man), I’ll close up the comments and draw a lucky winner’s name.

UPDATE: Genna Sarnak wins the ARC.