Novelist Allison Winn Scotch, author of Time of My Life, has a great post on her blog about dealing with negative reviews. (And when I say “dealing with,” I’m not talking about wishing ill toward the reviewer or taking out a mob hit — no matter how tempting those options may be. I’m talking about attending to one’s own emotional health.)

Here’s the money graf:

There is nothing you can do about this. You can’t convince them otherwise, you can’t tell them not to say this publicly. You can’t, even, get them to delete their Amazon review. You HAVE to realize that just as you’ve read books in the past and thought, “eh,” someone, somewhere out there is going to think the same of yours. This is part of the game of putting yourself out there. I think this gets easier with every book you publish. With your first one, you think, “I AM A GOLDEN GOD,” and with your second one (and so on), you realize that you’re a good writer who some people love…and who some people do not. That’s just life, that’s just the nature of our business.

Well said. I hope for such grace. Perhaps I’ll have to return here and read this to remind me to exercise it.