Unless I’m brought back here by some breaking news (always a possibility), I’ll be shutting off the lights for a few days while I make the last hard push on the first draft of my current project.

With luck and a minimum of chaos, I should finish it up on my weekend (Sunday-Monday). And by “finish it up,” I mean, of course, that I’ll have a beginning and an ending and that only several more weeks, if not months, of revising and rewriting will remain. That’s why it’s called a first draft.

(Quick digression: I’m reminded of a long-ago interview with Paul McCartney about his film “Give My Regards To Broad Street,” truly one of the heinous movies of the century past. He defended himself by saying that he had written but one draft and had no idea more was required. Now, I’m a McCartney apologist from way back, but doesn’t that just say everything that needs to be said not only about his horrid little film but also about some of his half-baked solo work? The answer, of course, is “yes.”)

So, then, to recap:

Craig = very, very busy, and therefore, Craig’s blog = quiet for just a little bit.

Your forbearance is appreciated.