Monday very nearly turned into a lost day, writing-wise. And then, at the last possible moment, I turned it around.

I’m off Mondays, and I count on that day to get a lot of work done. My wife works Mondays, leaving me eight beautiful, solitary hours to spend at the keyboard.

But last night also brought the NCAA basketball championship, and so I dawdled through the game (which wasn’t very good), finally getting to the computer at about 9:45 p.m., leaving me a scant two hours before Ang got off work.

In those two hours, I pounded out a full chapter, nearly 4,000 words. It was a monstrously productive sliver of time.

Now, of course, those words will have to be gone over, again and again and again, before they’re ready for consumption. But they’re on the page. The story has advanced. I’m less than a week into it, and nearly 14,000 words have fallen. It’s a prodigious pace, and it makes me happy. Making me happier still: I continue to see the road ahead, with no obstacles on the immediate horizon. They’re out there, of course, but for now, I’ll enjoy the ride.